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Hands on Korean potter’s wheel!


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  • SellerPottery craft shop Bong-u
  • Duration3 Hour(s)
  • Meeting LocationCheolsu’s Pottery Workshop: 4-1, Usadan-ro 10na-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Languages OfferedEnglish


Cheolsu's Pottery Workshop in the heart of Itaewon might not be big, but it provides a warm experience - both literally and figuratively. The master Cheolsu welcomes every visitor with a big smile and entertains them with in-depth conversation about Korean pottery. He will guide you through every process of Korean pottery-making. The workshop is also well-known for its appearance in a popular Korean variety show, Running Man. The program will only be held if there are more than 2 participants. If fewer than 2 participants have signed up by the day before the program, your reservation will be canceled and you will be refunded in full.


- You can make a variety of earthenware from interior decorations to small spoons, mugs and big jars. - You can leave a “Hello, Stranger” message on your pottery, which will be displayed for the next visitors to pick up. - You can pick up one piece of the displayed works left by previous visitors. Find a message that speaks to you. - You can choose between a can of beer or soda, so you can cool down while working with the clay.

Included in this Experience

- Take home a piece of pottery from the display wall. - Refreshments

Not Included in this Experience

This activity encourages the concept of sharing. Instead of taking home the pottery you made, you can take home one pottery piece from the workshop's display of ceramics.

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Trip Detail Info

Point1: Working with clay

Good clay is fundamental in making earthenware. With a long history of pottery making, Korean potters have always carefully selected the earth used for clay. You can feel the quality of the carefully chosen earth while you knead and pound the yellowish-brown clay into any shape you want.

Point2: Spinning the wheel

Spinning a wheel is faster than coiling with rolls of clay in pottery-making. Still, spinning is much more sophisticated, since it takes a good amount of strength to keep the clay in shape while spinning. A delicate touch is also needed to achieve and maintain the shape you want to mold.

Point3: Your work on display

The pottery you make will remain on the workshop’s display shelf so one of the next visitors can take it home. You can leave a message for the unknown future owner of your pottery through images or words carved into your creation. Of course, you can also take a piece of pottery made by a previous visitor with you when you leave. This exchange creates a mysterious bond among the workshop visitors, sharing the same memory through the pottery.


Make your own pottery at a workshop in Itaewon
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What is this place famous for? Near the Itaewon Mosque
What directions should I give to a taxi driver? Itaewon Mosque
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Business name Pottery craft shop Bong-u / Kim Chul Soo
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Chul-Soo pottery craft shop
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