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Korean homemade spread 'Cheong'


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  • Sellerseolgodang
  • Duration2 Hour(s)
  • Meeting LocationSulgodang : 399-8 Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Languages OfferedEnglish


Cheong looks like jam or honey. It was made before sugar came to Korea as the common folks were looking for a way to satisfy their sweet tooth. Jocheong takes very long time to make and its recipe is complicated, so in modern times, the recipe for Cheong has been modernized and simplified. Among them, this homemade Cheong is made from fruit. This recipe offers a deeper taste, aroma and color. You can use it as a sweetener in your kitchen or add it to water to make juice. After making Cheong, you will make a cereal bar by coating it in a very Korean syrup. This is a modern take on the more traditional cookie called Ganjeong. After the cereal bar you can make jam from Cheong. We suggest you add less sugar than the recipe calls for. Doing this will allow you to taste the original, earthy flavor of the fruit. For your specific palate, the class will offer many different recipes so that you can try cooking with a multitude of fruit,flowers and kinds of tea. The program will only be held if there are more than 4 participants. If there are less than 4 participants one day before the program, your reservation will be cancelled and you will be refunded in full.


- All the Cheong, jam and preserve we offer are low in sugar. They are different in their tastes and freshness from those mass-produced in the market. - We encourage you to take the food you cooked home with you. The Cheong will be vacuum-packed as it has to be fermented. The vacuum-packing will be explained in class and an assistant will do the packing after you are finished. We hope that you take home the Korean traditional recipes. We also hope that this introduction will encourage you to cook with and share the Cheong dishes with your loved ones after you return home. We know that you won't be able to resist Cheong once your mouth gets a hold of it. - Finally, you can participate in tea time. We will offer you a wide variety of Korean traditional teas to taste and enjoy. After the class we encourage you to visit the Hongdae area nearby. Here you can take a tour of the YG Building and then unwind in the bars and shops in the area. There is also a traditional Korean market and the Han River park within a five minute walk. Be sure to take advantage of these wonderful amenities before you depart the area.

Included in this Experience

Depends on the option of your choice: 1) Cheong (1), cereal bar, afternoon tea, snacks 2) Jam (1), cereal bar, afternoon tea, snacks (18.01.01~) 3) Cheong (1), jam (1), cereal bar, afternoon tea, snack (18.01.01~)

Not Included in this Experience

Besides the included food products, you can buy the store's merchandise on-site.

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Trip Detail Info

Making cheong

Make 'Cheong': Dazzle your eyes with its beautiful colors. Stimulate your nose and tongue in the sweet and sour aroma and taste.

Making Korean style cereal bars

A cereal bar coated in Korean syrup will go great with some cool juice or a warm tea made of Cheong.

Making homemade jam

Homemade jam made from fresh ingredients goes well with bread and cookies!

Tea time

After the class, share some down time with the others in your group. This would be a great time to give what you made a try. Drink your Cheong-made tea and eat jam made of cheong with bread and biscuits. Bon appetit!


Take a peek into the secrets of 'Cheong.' While honey was rare and only for aristocrats, Cheong was for the regular people. It was the common folks' way to experience the good life.
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What is this place famous for? Homemade Cheong, homemade jam, homemade snacks
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