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Make Korean-style Chopsticks


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  • SellerSIWAZO
  • Duration1 Hour(s)
  • Meeting LocationShiwajeo Workshop 101, Seongan-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Languages OfferedEnglish


Chopsticks are part of East Asian food culture. A simple pair of chopsticks can show you a culture’s history, customs, and cuisine. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans all use chopsticks. Their chopstick cultures appear all similar, but with a closer look, you will see each country’s distinctive characteristics. Korean chopsticks are shorter and thinner than Chinese ones, and unlike Japanese ones that have sharper tips than their tops, they are evenly thick from top to end. With these characteristics, Korean-style chopsticks allow their users finer movements when put in use. Korean chopsticks are usually made of metal, and a spoon and a pair of chopsticks come in a set. Siwazo is the only workshop in Korea that designs, manufactures, and sells spoons and chopsticks, where you can take craft classes and learn about Korean traditional tableware and table manners. With natural lacquer, safety-guaranteed paint, and wood without chemical processing, you can make your own spoons and chopsticks you can keep as precious souvenirs. The program will only be held if there are more than 2 participants. If fewer than 2 participants have signed up by the day before the program, your reservation will be canceled and you will be refunded in full. Please also be informed that for each schedule, a maximum of five (5) people can only be accommodated. Kindly contact us to double check the date and time prior to placing your payment. In any case payment has been made after the reserved schedule is full, the order may be canceled or accommodated on a different schedule.


- You can learn about the differences between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures, as well as manners and the history of Korean tableware and silverware. - The workshop displays Siwazo's original works as well as hand-made works by other Korean craft masters.

Included in this Experience

- You can take home all of your handmade products.

Not Included in this Experience

- Depending on the process, the finished chopsticks may be available 10-14 days after. You can choose to have them delivered. If you do, you will have to pay a seperate shipping fee.   - The workshop offers basic interpretation services. Per your request, we can also invite an expert interpreter for an additional fee.


- It will take 10-14 processing days if you want your handmade chopsticks to be finished with the Siwazo special coat. You can choose to have them delivered. If you do, you will have to pay a seperate shipping fee.   - You can take your chopsticks home after the lamination process, but please take note that the coating may get weaker. - For wooden chopsticks, the environment (temperature, humidity) may affect the quality of the material. - A Japanese interpreter is present in the workshop. There are no English interpreters. However, you may peruse an English leaflet that explains the process simply. - Refund for the reasons stated above is not allowed. Please be informed of these conditions before booking.

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Making Korean-style chopsticks

In this experience class, you can make your own Korean-style chopsticks by measuring the correct size of chopsticks to fit your hands, cutting some wood, and decorating the surface with the patterns you want. In some classes you can shape the wooden sticks into into the form and thickness you want and thickness with tools such as a plane for chopstick-making so the chopsticks maintain the feel and grain of natural wood. In other classes you can carve names or phrases into the wood with a wood-burning technique. You can even make a spoon as well, so you will have a complete set with the chopsticks you made.

Learning Korean table manners

Before you sit at the table, you can make white porcelain tableware with any images, names, or phrases you want on them with special paints and pens. The tableware will then be baked in the oven. When you are all set with bowls and dishes along with your spoon and chopsticks, you can learn about Korean table manners.


Make Korean-style chopsticks and learn Korean table manners!
Product FAQ
What is this place for? A place to make your own Korean chopsticks and learn how to use them properly.
What are the things I should not miss? You can purchase crafts made by Korean and Japanese artisans.
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