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Paper flowers blooming at your fingertips


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  • SellerHealing Camp
  • Duration1 Hour(s)
  • Meeting Location117 Seosu-ri, Seongno-myeon, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Languages OfferedEnglish


Jihwa, meaning paper flower, was used to decorate various court feasts during Joseon times. Imagine paper colored with natural dyes transforming into flowers and the paper flowers adorning feasts. You’ll see the subdued colors from natural dyes are not flamboyant, but imbued with sophistication. At this program, you can choose your guardian color and make your own flower. Jiggeun is a craft which takes patience. You will see how paper strings turn into small ordinary items like bracelets. Make a bracelet with a dangle charm of a metasequoia cone. We sell at 28.35 USD(option1), 38.85 USD(option2) a discounted price by February 28, 2018. It will be sold from March 1, 2018 to 36.75 USD(option1), 47.25 USD(option2) a net price.


- Learn how to make Korean traditional paper from paper mulberry. - Find out what your guardian color is and make a paper flower in the color. - Add fragrance to your flower by putting a small pod with a tiny diffuser bottle in it. - Jiggeun can be made into a variety of small ornament items. At this workshop, you can make a bracelet with a dangle charm of a metasquoia cone. - This program was awarded first prize in Seoulites’ Best Tourist Product competition organized by STO (Seoul Tourism Organization).

Included in this Experience

Your very own Jihwa and Jiggeun A transparent moss case Diffuser

Not Included in this Experience

- Tea Ceremony is provided for free only to option2, paper flower making experience in the Jingwansa Temple.


The address of the site where one can experience option1 in front of the Jongmyo Shrine is 117 Seosu-ri, Seongno-myeon, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea. It takes 1hours. The address of the site where one can experience option2 in the Jingwansa Temple is 10 Jin-gwan-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea. It takes 2hours.

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Trip Detail Info

Korean paper made from paper mulberry trees

Hanji, Korean traditional paper, has been well-known for its quality in the East Asian region for centuries. It is made from the inner barks of paper mulberry; it is boiled, skinned, spread on flat stone and pounded manually numerous times until it becomes soft but tough. Hanji becomes lustrous and beautifully white, while maintaining this beauty for a long time. You can experience this paper-pounding to see the magic of paper art.

Jihwa – paper flower blooming at your fingertips

You can savor the beauty of Korean traditional paper art while making paper flowers. Find out your guardian color through a simple test and make a flower by adding petal by petal made with paper in your lucky color. Dangle a small pod with a tiny diffuser bottle in it around the flower stalk, and your flower will take on a wonderful fragrance.

Jiggeun – wrought with patience

Sometimes life gets tangled up and other times it unfolds smoothly. The way of twisting paper into strings works the same, resembling the different courses in our lives. Still, patience and concentration lead to rewards both in life and string-making. Follow the course of this program, and you will end up with a nice set of bracelets, hair bands, baskets or norigae, a traditional Korean accessory.

Tea Ceremony (option2, paper flower making experience in the Jingwansa Temple, only)

For those who have chosen option2, paper flower making experience in the Jingwansa Temple, you will be able to hear about the culture and story of the Jingwansa Temple and the nearby area. After the paper flower making experience, you can visit jinkwansa Temple and experience a free tea ceremony when you present your payment voucher.


Choose your own ‘guardian color’ and create a paper flower and paper strings in a traditional Korean style
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