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Winter Sonata Tour (Nami Island: Namiseom Tour)


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  • SellerSeoul City Tour
  • Duration9 Hour(s)
  • Meeting LocationHotel of your stay
  • Languages OfferedEnglish,Chinese,Japanese


Travel and experience a romantic drama with this "Winter Sonata" tour. Tour Nami Island and Petite France to experience a romantic drama-like trip. ※ Course: A) Hotel - Nami Island - Lunch - Petite France - Duty Free Shop - Hotel (Time Required : 08:00~17:00) B) Hotel - Nami Island - Lunch - Rail Bike - Petite France - Duty Free Shop - Hotel (Time Required : 08:00-18:30) C) Hotel - Nami Island - Duty Free Shop - Drop off at City Hall(Time Required : 08:00 ~ 13:00)


• Nami Island • Petite France • Rail Bike

Included in this Experience

• Transportation, Tour Guide, Admission fee, Meal ※ Shopping: Duty Free Shop

Not Included in this Experience


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Trip Detail Info

Nami Island

Nami Island is located in Chuncheon, Kangwon-do, north of Seoul. With the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam, the island was formed. The center of the island is about 264,462 square meters (80,000 pyeong). On the island stand chestnut trees and poplar trees that give such fantastic views, making the island the best place for a stroll. Choi Inho's novel turned movie

Petite France

Located near the beautiful Changpyeong Lake, Petite France is a nature friendly location where you can enjoy nature as it is. Visit Petite France with your family and appreciate each other's company and the beauty of nature and the location. It was also the filming location for famous dramas such as,

Rail Bike

In December 20, 2010, the Gyeongchun double-tracked railway line was opened, connecting Seoul and Chuncheon. The Mugunghwa train that previously travelled this route for 70 years was replaced. Enjoy the outstanding scenery as you ride along riversides and mountains. Popular shows such as


Travel and experience a romantic drama with this "Winter Sonata" tour.
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