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Solgaheon Healing Café:Foot Bath and Medicinal Herbal Tea Experience


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  • Duration1 Hour(s)
  • Meeting LocationSolgaheon
  • Languages OfferedKorean, Partial English


Enjoy the included foot bath and a herbal tea that is made right for your body’s constitution.Rejuvenate your immune system with medicinal herbal teas at the Hanok-style Solgaheon, a place abundant of phytoncides (a substance that comes from plants and trees) and where you can enjoy the fragrance of pine trees. We can prepare medicinal herbal teas that are specific to every guest's medicinal condition. Solgaheon is a healing cafe where you can break away from the busy modern life and enjoy nature and take care of your health.


• Medicinal herbal teas (10 USD). - Bowee tea for weak stomach and indigestion. - Cheongan tea for tired and bloodshot eyes and weak liver (Chrysanthemum). - Shintong tea for cold symptoms, body fatigue and stress (mint). - Saengki tea restores energy and vitality (milk vetch root, foxglove) . - Anjeong tea for anxiety and insomnia (Hoelen cum Radix). - Ganggeun tea for weak knees and lower back, to strengthen muscles and bones (Eleutherococcus). - Chaegam tea for when your body feels heavy and bloated (Coix). • The following teas are available for an additional fee:. - Hwangjae tea (25 USD): the best tea to rejuvenate and invigorate and Nokyongssanghwa tea (15 USD): a tea to help recuperate from the stress of modern life (deer antler, Korean angelica root). • The medicinal herbal tea takes time to brew. In case there are many guests, a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes after an order may be imposed.

Included in this Experience

• You can have one free refill of your ordered drink.

Not Included in this Experience

• If you want to order the tea iced, an additional fee of 1 USD is required. • Dotori Pizza (30 USD) Enjoy this light and clean tasting pizza with its fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken meat and a dough made from Dotori (acorn), oats and other super grains. This healthy meal helps eliminate toxins, heavy metals and visceral fat stuck inside your body. It also helps with the improvent of your skin. *If you want additional toppings such as young greens and tomatoes, there is an additional fee (7 USD.) • Jinsan Auraa hangover relief beverage brewed by a herbal specialist (1 pack for 6 USD) A patented medicinal beverage for hangover relief, it gets rid of acete-aldehydes which are produced when alcohol disintegrates in the body. • Well-being Cookies (3USD each) Solgaheon's well-being cookies are made from 17 healthy ingredients of numerous super grains and nuts such as oats, lentil beans and cranberries. • Healing Room Solgaheon's healing rooms are all natural and are made from hardwood, pure red clay tiles, elvan stone plates and has a germanium flooring. Far-infrared rays and anions are emitted from the pure red clay tiles. The body benefits from better blood circulation and are able to release internal toxins and waste through sweat pores. *You have to order tea to be able to use a room. There is a 3 hour limit. 1-2 persons 20 USD / 3 persons 15 USD /more than 4 persons 10 USD

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Walk for around 600 meters from Gyeongbokgung Station Exit no. 3. It is right across the Tongin Market.


Enjoy a foot bath and a drink of herbal medicinal tea at the beautiful Hanok-style healing café, Solgaheon.
Product FAQ
What is this place for? A hanok where you can enjoy a foot bath and a medicinal herbal tea.
What is this place famous for? Foot bath + medicinal herbal tea
What are your rates? 50 UAD ~ 75 USD
What are the things I should not miss? Dotori Pizza, Jinsan Aura
Do you have a lot of visitors/ clients? There are more guests on weekends.
How long does it take to look around this place or complete this activity? 3hr
What directions should I give to a taxi driver? Across Tongin Market.
Is there anything I should avoid doing at this place? Smoking is prohibited, do not talk loudly
Do you take credit cards? Yes
Amenities Availability
110/220/240 Volts
Wheelchair access
Male and female toilets
Disabled toilet
Lactation room
Stroller accessible
Parking lot
Stroller rental
Interpreter service
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Refund Policy

In case of natural disasters or severe weather incidents, the trip may be cancelled and there will be no refund. 

Cancellations made on the day of the trip and consecutive days after amount to NO refund.

The cancellation period (cooling-off period) for each payment method is as follows:
*If you try to cancel past this period, the cancellation will not be processed.
Credit Card: 1 year after purchase
Union Card: 1 year after purchase
Paypal: 180 days after purchase
Wechat/Alipay: 90 days after purchase
Business name SOLGAHEON / Yun SoYeon
Telephone Number +82-02 738 3366
Address 03043,54-1, Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea,
Business Registration Number 5821400061

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